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Cloud Services


It’s essential in today’s market that your business eliminate all possible capital expenditures for it’s hardware, software, and networking equipment. There is no better way to do this than to move your business to a robust cloud solution package. Here at East Coast Technology Group Group we help you transition and manage your cloud solution by providing you with access to a complete computing environment without the struggle and commitment of building it yourself. Transitioning to a cloud computing service can be difficult. We pride ourselves on our experience and our cloud services, making the transition quick and enjoyable. With East Coast Technology Group Group, you’ll receive the knowledge and expertise to fully leverage the advantages that a cloud solution can provide for your business.


Your business should have the best possible security and power for its server and networking equipment while still retaining a low price point. East Coast Technology Group Group can provide your business the best of both worlds with a comprehensive co-location package. That means higher reliability for your network systems, full time monitoring by live on-sight technicians, and lower latency and higher bandwidth at a lower cost than you would normally expect to pay. Most importantly, co-location enables your business the ability to focus your staff completely on your work at hand, never again will you have to worry about the logistics that underlie your network and server solutions. We are the best in New England in providing co-location management and ongoing support, offering service with immediate availability at an affordable price.

Flexable Configurations

Are you configuring your data as efficiently as you could be? Data sharing allows you to organize your system with the agility your business needs to run its IT systems smoothly and effectively. Our seasoned engineers will assist you in flexible configuration so that you can customize every system for its user set, control any data storage issues that may arise, and provide predictable service levels for those users, so that you do not need to manage several copies. With a flexible decision support system, you will be able to adjust your configuration to your unique business environment, with the benefit of modifying the system to handle various workloads, joining decision support and operational data through SQL, and reducing computing costs across the board. Let us simplify your management applications without replicating. Our flexible configuration solutions are particularly useful for clients undergoing business acquisitions or mergers. Let us help you meet your service objectives by taking care of the way your data is stored, so that you can focus on your business.