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Security Assessments


We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality IT security assessments in the New England area. How secure are your networks? Do you know for sure? Our security assessment team offers custom-tailored assessments of varying complexity based on your unique needs. Articulating critical assets and comprehending your internal as well as external threats is the goal. We specialize in high quality risk assessments, combining comprehension of business objectives, flow of information, network architecture, and operational policies. This helps us develop a road map for high quality risk-mitigation adapted to your goals and budget.

Our tech support team is ready to help you, whether you need high-level reviews of organization policies and procedures to discovering any weaknesses in your network infrastructure and improving your overall security. Our time-tried methods are carefully orchestrated to ensure data integrity as well as protection from any network interruptions. We are dedicated to giving you the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions for the wellbeing of your business.