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Network Services

security (1)Network Security

Network security is at the top of the list of many business owners’ worries. Business-critical information is a key asset for your company, and it is important to take measures to safeguard your networks so that your data is safe. Our team combines industry-specific knowledge and technical experience to offer you unparalleled network security analysis, penetration testing, and strategic planning services. From user authentication to anti-virus software or intrusion prevention systems (IPS), our aim is to safeguard your network from any threats. We can help protect network infrastructure, mitigate threats, advance site-to-site connectivity and management capabilities, and make it easier for you to manage network operations. Now is the time to bring your network security up-to-date. With (Insert client’s name), you can rest assured you are in good hands.

it_strategy (1)Network Design

Network design and planning is a process that involves topological design, network synthesis, and network realization. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you every step of the way, from the planning phase to optimization, to ensure that your goals are being met in the most time-efficient, cost-effective manner. Different businesses require different networks; it’s important to us that we first meet with you to understand what makes your company tick, and what vision you have for your company. We want to create a network that will best serve you and your team, so a complex analysis of your environment and future goals is the first step in designing a network and selecting the proper methodology. From installation to configuration to administration, we ensure that your investment is a success.

Network Virtualization

Thinking about virtualization? Virtualization allows you to run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine. Every virtual machine shares the single physical machine’s resources. Our highly trained computer support engineers are dedicated to helping you make the jump. Virtualization allows for the use of multiple operating systems and applications throughout various environments, which means that the efficiency and accessibility of your IT resources will increase. Other benefits include reducing capital costs by becoming more energy efficient, needing less hardware yet raising your server-admin ratio, ensuring more business continuity by strengthening your disaster recovery plan, and improving performance of your enterprise applications. You’ll also speed up enterprise desktop management, resulting in fewer support calls when applications fail or malfunction. Transform your business and maximize your mission-critical capabilities by removing the one server, one application idea, and let us help you optimize your IT environment.

Virtualization and Centralized Storage

Virtualization is key to the scalability and the efficiency of your enterprise. Our highly trained computer support engineers are dedicated to assisting you and your business with virtualization and centralized storage. As your business grows, company files, databases, and application data grow as well. If your storage is directly connected to servers, it will soon become more difficult and time-consuming to deal with this influx of information. The availability of your data may be compromised or slowed. Our team of experts is here to help consolidate your database storage systems. Centralized storage has many benefits, including reduced management overhead and IT expenditures, less complex IT operations, and increased availability of your data. The primary advantage of centralized storage is that it offers a way to simplify an IT environment. Our virtualization and centralized storage experts offer secure, efficient, and cost-effective transitions for your business that will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your clients.