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Network Security Firewall Solutions

Network Security Firewall Solutions


  • All internet-facing systems should be protected by a firewall.
  • Data and security breaches are occurring at an exponential rate.
  • Misconfigured and ill-maintained firewalls create security holes to critical company data.
  • Firewalls can help guard against Viruses, Malware, SPAM, Provide Content Filtering of Web Site Traffic

Allowing deploying of redundant firewalls allows for maximum uptime and minimal security risks.  This gives you not only full network security protection but a hardware failover solution as well reducing the single point of failure that can cause so many outages.

Keep your data and network safe with East Coast Technology Group’s managed network services. We offer dedicated network security solutions to protect your network from spam, viruses and attacks. The network firewall service is one of our managed network security solutions. Our security solutions help keep your network safe from threats so that you can continue your daily routine without interruption.

Our network security framework ensures maximum availability, security, integrity, flexibility, and manageability with minimum overhead and risk.

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