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East Coast Technology Group Group is well respected in the New England region for its high quality managed services and for the strengths and experience of its managed services team. When it comes to your IT services, security, reliability, and quantifiable results are invaluable to your business’ success, qualities we pride ourselves on. From asset management reporting to firewall monitoring, we have you covered, so that you can focus on accomplishing your goals. We can assure you that we work exceedingly hard so that our services are aligned to your unique needs, so that we can collaborate to make your vision a reality.

1.) Asset Management Reporting

Our asset management reporting services are unparalleled in the New England region in providing high quality, comprehensive assistance in raising profitability, minimizing operating risk, and to streamline the investment management process. We offer research management, portfolio accounting and reporting, performance analytics, portfolio monitoring, fee and revenue management, and many other services.

2.) Automated Server Preventative Maintenance and Monitoring

Let us take care of your maintenance and monitoring needs, so that you can focus on running your business. We can work proactively to protect you against unexpected downtown resulting from insecure databases, or reorganize your databases to accelerate productivity.

3.) Customer Center / Help desk

Our customer center and help desk solutions offer comprehensive and customizable customer service plans for your organization’s unique needs and budget. We are proud to provide our clients with reliable, personalized service, flexibility in routing decisions, reduced costs and improved effectiveness through agent specialization, and a quick and effortless transition and customization process.

4.) E-mail Set-up

We provide business e-mail set-up, e-mail system management, and assistance in the transition. Take the next step to improving your interactions with customers and business contacts with a business e-mail account.

5.) Latest Virus Definitions

We can bring your systems current with all types of viruses, and create a plan for virus mitigation in the future. Our technicians ensure you’re running the most recent security content, and leave you with the confidence that your systems are protected.

6.) License Compliance

Our experienced technicians provide you with the information to control software costs and assure they are proportionate with your company’s needs. Our software inventory systems allow you to optimizing your software purchase planning and to be able to more effectively monitor software transitions and changes in licensing, allocate software to the appropriate departments, streamline acquisitions and mergers, and facilitate business planning.

7.) Monitoring of all Firewalls / Switches / Routers

Our firewall managing services ensure your firewall software and infrastructure is up-to-date, monitoring your firewall in real-time for any security system breaches or suspicious activity. We also manage any switches and routers, and provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand network intrusion report and other activity reports so that you are in control.

8.) Proactive PC Maintenance

Our PC maintenance professionals have years of experience in working proactively to keep your computers running smoothly. Whether you need defragmenation, temporary file cleanouts, or general troubleshooting, East Coast Technology Group Group offers all of your preventative computer care needs, and we take great pride in our work.

9.) Remote Support System

We provide remote technical support services from our offices. Instead of sending a technician to you, we are able to provide you with faster, more affordable service while giving you top quality support with our remote support management software.

10.) Server Patching

Operating systems and software require constant software updates and patches that are critical to ensuring security and gaining the control and visibility your business requires. Our seasoned server patching engineers can apply these updates for you so that your server is up-to-date and able to protect you from software vulnerabilities and bugs and server performance issues.

11.) Trend Analysis (drive capacity / resource consumption)

Our trained specialists offer you the perspective you need on your business IT environment, so that you can monitor trends such as drive capacity, resource consumption, licensing compliance, error logs, and other aggregated data so that you have control over your technology investments. Our engineers will be able to assist you remotely in your trend analysis, and answer any questions you have 24/7.

12.) User Level Trouble Ticketing / Helpdesk

Your customers count on you to answer their questions quickly, and to provide them with the specialized information they require. We enable trouble ticket software and helpdesk support is an extremely effective, affordable, high quality option for giving your clients the support they expect, all while reducing support service costs and saving you time. Our help desk trouble ticket programs assist in automatic routing, allotting tracked issues, and providing fast and pleasant customer support on all levels.

13.) Workstation Level Monitoring

Our workstation level monitoring programs allow you to remotely supervise employees, workstations, or your LAN so that you are in control of your IT systems and the way in which they are utilized. We offer the most advanced monitoring software available that provides high-level access to internet activity to prevent abuse and increase productivity.